Specialist photographic hides are often the best way to get close up views of many species of British wildlife. I use both permanent and portable hides for much of my wildlife photography, and where appropriate I will be renting these out to other photographers who are looking to add new images to their portfolios. Where possible I prefer to use wooden hides that can be left in position for extended periods so that the wildlife becoms accustomed to them. These are typically at feeding stations or display grounds. But at other times it's necessary to make use of portable canvas hides for use on specific projects such as nesting birds, over a short period of time.


Black Grouse at lek

Black grouse are one of Britain's most charismatic birds, performing spectacular displays at their traditional lek sites in early Spring. Our hides overlook a moorland lek with around 6-10 males present from where you can enjoy this amazing avian spectacle from close range and capture their fascinating antics as they display and fight.

You will be met nearby and guided to the hide, which involves a walk of around 1km, partly over rough moorland. Typical hide session 0400 to 0830.

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Red Squirrel

Red Squirrels are numerous in the local pinewoods close to my home in the Cairngorms National Park, and for the past ten years I have been providing them with food (hazelnuts and peanuts) all year round. They are habituated to this feeding regime and between 3-6 individuals visit daily. There are two wooden hides in place - one in a forest clearing that can seat up to 3 people - and the other at a woodland pool for 1 person only.

The squirrels look great at any time of year, whether in winter when they are sporting their characteristic ear tufts or in summer when their coats are at their reddest. There is also the chance to photograph them in flowering heather in late summer or at a woodland pool with beautiful reflections.

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